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Make Payments

If you have been ordered to pay by a wage withholding where support is deducted directly from your paycheck or bank account, you must still pay through the Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) or Ohio Child Support Payment Central until the support is deducted from your wages or your account. Most deductions take two to three weeks to begin after the support order is finalized.

Payment Options

Wage withholding order

The CSEA issues a wage withholding order to your employer. The employer then deducts the court-ordered amount from your paycheck.

Payment Window

You can make cash or credit card payments in-person at the agency’s payment window.

The CSEA will only accept Visa, Discover or Mastercard. You must make the payment before 1:45 P.M. or the agency will credit the payment the following day.

Butler County CSEA
Government Services Center

315 High Street, 7th Floor
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Collection Window Hours: 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday – Friday


You can make credit card payments over the phone by calling Customer Service at 513-887-3362.

Online Options

Expertpay.com — You can sign-up for automatic bank deduction. There is a fee associated with this service.

e-childsPay.com — You can pay by credit card online. There is a fee associated with this service.


Bank Deduction Order

The CSEA issues a bank deduction order to your financial institution. Your bank will then deduct the court-ordered amount directly from your account.


In-Person at Major Retailers


MoneyGram — Make cash payments at Wal-Mart, CVS & other retailers. Must reference Ohio receive code 14674. Walk-in fee is $3.99.




Child Support Payment Central (CSPC) — You can mail payments to CSPC by money order or check. You should make your checks out to Ohio Child Support Payment Central. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS), Office of Child Support, developed CSPC in response to federal legislation mandating the implementation and operation of a unit for collecting and disbursing child support payments. CSPC must process all payments sent by mail (checks or money orders).

Special Instructions:

  • Write your SETS case number (the 10-digit number beginning with a “7”) and your court case number on the check. 

  • Please allow four to five mailing days to ensure CSPC receives your payment on time.

Ohio Child Support Payment Central:
P.O. Box 182372
Columbus, Ohio, 43218

Do not make support payments directly to the custodial parent. If you do not pay through the CSEA or CSPC, they will generally not credit those payments to your account. The CSEA deems direct payments a gift.






Butler County CSEA | Executive Director William Morrison | Assistant Director Narka Gray 
Government Services Center, 7th Floor, Hamilton, OH 45011

Phone (513) 887-3362 | Fax (513) 887-3699

Board of Commissioners: Donald L. Dixon, T.C. Rogers, Cindy Carpenter