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Paternity & Support Establishment | Enforcement | Modification of Support Order

The child support program is a federal, state and local effort to collect child support from parents who are legally obligated to pay support. The Butler County CSEA operates as a free-standing agency under the Butler County Board of Commissioners. Its goals are threefold:
  • Ensure children are supported by their parents
  • Encourage family responsibility
  • Reduce the cost of welfare to taxpayers

Welfare Recipients
Families actively receiving cash assistance or Medicaid as a participant in the Ohio Works First program are automatically eligible for services. If you are receiving cash assistance, you have assigned your rights of support to the state. While receiving assistance, the CSEA forwards all monies it collects to the state of Ohio.

Non-Welfare Recipients
Non-recipients of OWF, who reside in Butler County or have a Butler County order, can also receive services by simply completing an application. The application fee has been waived and there is no charge for our services.


The Butler County CSEA offers the following services:

  • Paternity establishment for children born out-of-wedlock

  • Support and medical order establishment

  • Support and medical order enforcement

  • Support order modification

  • Collection of child support by attachment and withholdings from wages, financial institution accounts, unemployment benefits, workers compensation benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, retirement benefits, federal and state income tax refunds and other benefits

  • Location of parents responsible for support




Butler County CSEA | Executive Director Julie Gilbert | Assistant Director Narka Gray 
Government Services Center, 7th Floor, Hamilton, OH 45011

Phone (513) 887-3362 | Fax (513) 887-3699

Board of Commissioners: Donald L. Dixon, T.C. Rogers, Cindy Carpenter